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I’m a producer/director and editor with extensive experience of working on set with world famous sporting talent, seasoned performers and non-actors, with output across a variety of platforms and formats. Most recently I've worked on campaigns for Google, DAZN, Adidas, Lidl and Paramount.


As a director I have a cinematic aesthetic with a documentary approach, and love to push creative boundaries. I feel at home on set where I work closely with talent and crew to achieve specific creative goals. 


As a producer I’m confident in running with budgets of varying scales, with meticulous cost management and a wide network of incredible creatives for projects. I’ve been commended by collaborators on my ability to work under pressure in a calm and friendly manner. 

Get in touch if you'd like a a quote/treatment for a project or you just want a chat.


Sandals Resorts / Canon / Genesis Motors / Nike / KIA / Rexona / Nutmeg /  
GOAL Fashion / FedEx / DAZN / King Candy Crush / New Balance 

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